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Supply Chain Security / Risk Assessment Short Form

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There are many different active security initiatives. Please check any of the following that your company participates in:

Carrier Initiative Program (CIP)
Super Carrier Initiative program (SCIP)
Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition (BASC)
International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)
Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)
Partners IN Protection (PIP)
TSA Standard Security Program

New Zealand Customs Services Secure Export Scheme Program.
Jordan Customs Departments Golden List Program.
Japan Customs and Tariff Bureaus Authorized Economic Operator Program.
Korean Customs: Authorized Economic Operator Program
Singapore Customs - Secure Trade Partnership Plus Program
European Union – Authorized Economic Operator Program

All application information, such as employment history and references, is verified in compliance with local laws and regulations.
Background checks for prospective employees are conducted as allowed by foreign, federal, state, and local regulations.
All personnel are provided general security training and completion is required.
Termination procedures include surrender of any company items such as ID badges, keys, or equipment of any nature.

An employee identification system is in place for ID and access control purposes.
Visitors; vendors, customers, etc. are required to show ID/documentation and confirm the reason for entry upon visiting your office or facility.
Gates or Mechanical barriers are in place to control truck access to the container yard or warehouse facility.
Perimeter fencing encloses the areas around the cargo handling and storage facilities, container yards and terminals.
Fencing is inspected for integrity and damage daily.
The container yard, warehouse, office has one or more of the following:

SEALS and TET (Tamper Evident Technology)
Written procedures stipulate how SEALS and TET are stored.
Inventory of SEALS and TET is maintained.

IT Security
Automated Systems use individually assigned accounts that require a periodic change of passwords.

Security Plan and Assessments
Company has a security plan that ensures that security is adequately managed and the plan is designed to ensure the application of measures that protect the organization from a security incident.
Company conducts routine security assessments that include information systems, physical security and access control.

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